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All Are Welcome

We welcome dancers and performing artists of all genres and abilities to schedule an appointment in our SeaPAM Free Clinic.  The clinic is designed to assist with diagnosis of injuries in dancers and performing artists who are uninsured (or underinsured), but all are welcome.  We take a team-based approach in caring for the local artist community, and understand the complex needs of injured performing artists.  We will do our best to address all your needs in clinic, but can also assist with referrals, if necessary.

When is the next free clinic?

Upcoming Clinic Dates:  
  •  July 14, 2019 - Special engagement with Seattle Public Theatre

If we have not yet scheduled our next clinic (or if all our appointments are full), you can join our e-mail list for announcements of when new appointments become available.  We are working 'behind the scenes' continually to expand our ability to provide these appointments on a more regular basis (particularly for uninsured artists), and we also invite you to check out our referral page for listings of local clinicians who have an interest or expertise in treating performing artists.

Given the infrequent nature of our SeaPAM Free Clinic, urgent clinical questions or concerns should be directed as appropriate to your local physician.

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